Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Adventures at the Park

WHOO it was a hot one today but we made it out to the park any ways. Isaac loves being outside ! Ever since he was little he has loved to look out windows and have me take him for walks. It was a great walk today we even had other mommy company. I had a thought while we were both talking cloth diapers and breastfeeding that i haven't seen many of my girlfriends without children much. I know after Isaac was born that we were basically quarantined to the apartment, its hard to get cut in half and then go out and party, or do anything for that matter. You have a new life you have to take care of and with a new life you have new interests. I don't thing that this is a bad thing, people change and with a baby some of the changes are drastic. For example we need to be home by 7:30 in order to keep Isaac on schedule and if i would like to have any hope of getting sleep that night.
You spend 9 months preparing your home, car, and your body for an event that changes your life. You become a mother. You have the privileged of helping care for a child, the most amazing thing in the world. So i no longer get to sit and gossip about Snookie's baby daddy I get to talk about the newest strollers and breast feeding covers but I am happy. I hope that my girlfriends know that. One day soon i will be able to have a double date drink some wine and go to a coffee shop all after 7:30 but for now I'm a mom.

and in the world of a mom you do a lot of research. and this is just one of the crazy things out there to choose from crazy stroller  if you are in need of a laugh please watch the video because i did promise you laughs!

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