Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Adventures at the Movies

well this is my first blog post ever. I have always thought about doing one and just never had the time so why not start when i have never been busier in my life.I have been married for the past 3 years and it keeps getting better with ever year that passes. This year we welcomed Isaac Jude to our family and I couldn't be happier. This blog is going to focus on exactly what i titled it my motherly adventures, be it our first time at the movies with a 5m old, or the crazy baby gear i buy. but i hope my blog does what i want it to do for you the reader and that is laugh. Although i have only been a mom for a short time i have learned very quickly you must laugh and realize that there is an end to the sleepless nights and dirty diapers and that one day you will miss them. So cherish them now.

well this afternoon was our first attempt at going to the theater. He was awesome i swear this child amazes me every day. So we arrived at the theater and i fed him in the car just to make sure he was full and then we headed in. It was a Tuesday afternoon at 2 so i knew i would miss all the parents who would go after school and all the early morning toddlers. So we get there and there is one other family with 2 kids about 1 and 3. and so far so good he was in awe of the screen and kept turning around to see if i was still there. I could hear his thoughts "mom why isn't our TV this big". We make it a good 30 min in and i hear that grunt that is always followed by a not so pleasant smell and yes he did poop everywhere !!!! So i quietly get up go change him in the bathroom and zip lock his clothing and put him in the long onesie that i had for emergencies <-- see that i was prepared :). Then we went back into the theater and he was asleep for the  last half of the movie. All in all it was a wonderful day. Mom got to get out of the house and Isaac got to see lots of bright colors.
not sure when the next time we are going to try that again but i promise it will be on a Tuesday afternoon.

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