Thursday, April 26, 2012

Melissa & Doug my sons other parents

 If y'all have ever heard me talk about Melissa & Doug toys you would think i am nuts.
I truly love them and that is because my son loves them. They are his other parents in a way the ones who have way more time than i do to check the safety of his favorite play things. Our latest M&D addition to the family was the Trunki . It has done something amazing something i didn't think was possible it gave us our living room back. I know i didn't think it could be mine again either to quote a friend who also has a little one about Isaac's age " Its like Babies"R"Us threw up in my living room "-Brooke. The Trunki  is great at his age it can be used as a toy chest and will grow with him. I am all about finding great buys that will grow with him. It will be a suit case when we go on our family trip to Disney because it is carry-on approved and i can even let him ride it while i pull it with the cool straps that is comes with when he gets older. but go check out the web site on them and fall in love with all of their educational toys!

Monday, April 23, 2012

All The Stuff

Did you all know that babies are very tiny little people that come with a TON of stuff! They have a stroller, diapers, wipes, pacifiers, pacifier wipes, clothing,  and his is only  the things we have in the diaper bag. Being the mother of a 7m old I am quickly learning that my house is full of a lot of things i use and A LOT i don't use.
 When you are growing life for 9 months you do some crazy stuff but one of the things i didn't realize i was going to do was read. Every thing that i could get my hands on and it really helped.

So some good friends asked me to share the wealth of baby knowledge that is overflowing in my brain. The next few post to come will be about all the things i needed and didn't know i did or what to bring to the hospital and all the things the world thought i needed and ended up being unused. If anyone has any questions that they would like answered please leave a comment and i will do my best to answer questions and help y'all out.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


What a wonderful week we have had it was Stephens spring break and we got to have some much needed family time. Isaac is now moving in to solid foods and well so far not many have been a hit. Hes a big fan of sweet potatoes but anything that is a shade of green comes right back out of his mouth. He is growing up so fast even as I'm typing hes playing with his toys and talking to them on his play mat with out me entertaining him.  As he is getting older we are getting to do more things than we had just a few months ago. So we ventured out to the Zoo with some amazing friends. Isaac LOVED IT he was awake the whole time we were there right till we arrived at the gift shop and he passed out. The Acadiana Zoo was so lovely and they had some very active animals. We saw the otter's do back flips and every type of monkey was swinging in the trees, but it wasn't until we got to the alligators that we would be in for a big surprise. This zoo exhibit was a big swamp like area that had a nice wooden ramp that went down so you were water level with about 8 HUGE gators. We were all giggling and joking about how close they were and then one started to move. At this point Isaac in the stroller and i were about 4 ft from the railing where everyone else was standing but in about 30 seconds they would have jumped back to where i was. Apparently 4pm is feeding time for all the animals and these gators were more than happy to get an early snack. The largest gator started slowly moving towards the 2 smaller gators, that were closest to the deck ,and all of the sudden right in front of us were two very large alligators thrashing in the water. It only lasted about 10 seconds but i promise you the adrenalin was pumping! everyone jumped back and quickly started up the ramp. After the gators calmed down we all nervously laughed and could not believe what had just happened. So Isaac had a very exciting first trip to the zoo and we cant wait to go back but i doubt we will be visiting the alligators any time soon.

Thursday, April 12, 2012


WOW its been way to long since i was able to get on here. First we were in TX and the computer was broken then we were in LA and there was no internet :). Needless to say i am glad to be home. Isaac's first Easter was quite eventful and even though i had packed everything we would possible need i was not mentally prepared. Its been 3 days and I am still recovering. This year we spent Easter with my In Laws and for the first time I was apart of their family reunion. I knew hmmm maybe 2 of the 70 people there and we were the only ones with a baby. So of course Grandma took him for a little bit to show him off. but the rest of the time he was in mine or Stephens arms...and we were there for hours. By the time we left ( we were the first people there so i didn't feel to bad about being the first to leave) we went home and CRASHED for the first time since he was born all 3 of us fell asleep at 3 in the afternoon and it was wonderful a much needed mom moment.

I hope all of you had a wonderful Easter!